Optics and Photonics: An Introduction, 2ed

F. Graham Smith

ISBN: 9788126540235

520 pages

Exclusively distributed by Ane Books 

INR 3995


The Second Edition of this successful textbook provides a clear, well-written introduction to both the fundamental principles of optics and the key aspects of photonics to show how the subject has developed in the last few decades leading to many modern applications. The book thus provides a complete undergraduate course on optics in a single integrated text.


• Light as Waves, Rays and Photons.

• Geometric Optics.

• Optical Instruments.

• Periodic and Non-Periodic Waves.

• Electromagnetic Waves.

• Fibre and Waveguide Optics.

• Polarization of Light.

• Interference.

• Interferometry: Length, Angle and Rotation.

• Diffraction.

• The Diffraction Grating and Its Applications.

• Spectra and Spectrometry.

• Coherence and Correlation.

• Holography.

• Lasers.

• Laser Light.

• Semiconductors and Semiconductor Lasers.

• Sources of Light.

• Interaction of Light with Matter.

• The Detection of Light.

• Optics and Photonics in Nature.