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Planning and Design of Bridges

M.S. Troitsky

ISBN: 9788126549337

336 pages

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INR 995


This book addresses virtually all practical problems associated with the planning and design of steel and concrete bridge superstructures and substructures. Drawing on its author's nearly half-century as a bridge designer and engineer, it offers in-depth coverage of such crucial considerations as selecting the optimum location and layout, traffic flow, aesthetics, design, analysis, construction, current codes and government regulations, maintenance and rehabilitation and much more.


• History of Bridges.

• Bridge Location.

• Bridge Layout.

• Crossing the River.

• Structural Bridge System.

• Superstructure--Steel Bridges.

• Superstructure-Reinforced Concrete Bridges.

• Substructure--Piers.

• Substructure--Abutments.

• Aesthetics in Bridge Design.

• Specifications and Codes.

• Methodological Trends in Design of Bridges.

• Methodology of Preliminary Design.

• Comparison of Alternatives.

• Computer-Aided Design of Bridges.

• Index.