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Plant Tissue Culture

Vinay Sharma, Afroz Alam

ISBN: 9789389307689

404 pages

INR 545


The book is divided into twenty chapters which deal with Basic Equipment and Facilities for Plant Tissue Culture, Media Composition, Tissue Culture Techniques, Plant Cell Culture, Protoplast Isolation and Culture, Somatic Hybridization, Somatic Embryogenesis, Synthetic Seed, Micropropagation, Haploid and Triploid Production, Embryo Culture, etc. Many recent techniques are also provided such as Germplasm Storage, Genetic Transformation, Genetically Modified (GM) Plants with their Risks and Benefits, Metabolic Engineering, Useful Genes in Plant Genetic Engineering, Terminator Technology and Molecular Markers and their applications.

  • Introduction
  • Basic Equipment and Facilities for Plant Tissue Culture
  • Media Composition
  • Tissue Culture Techniques
  • Plant Cell Culture
  • Protoplast Isolation and Culture
  • Somatic Hybridization
  • Somatic Embryogenesis
  • Synthetic Seed
  • Micropropagation
  • Haploid Production
  • Triploid Production
  • Embryo Culture
  • Germplasm Storage
  • Genetic Transformation
  • Genetically Modified (GM) Plants: Its Risks and Benefits
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Plant Genetic Engineering—Useful Genes
  • Molecular Markers and Their Applications in Plant Species
  • Plant Tissue Culture & Scope for Entrepreneurs
  • Glossary
  • Suggested Readings
  • Index