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Practical Handbook of Grouting: Soil, Rock and Structures

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Author : James Warner
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ISBN 13 : 9788126541782
Pages : 718
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Grouting comprises a group of closely related technologies which share in common the introduction of cement or a cement-like, insoluble compound, usually under pressure, into an existing structure or into soil or rock to achieve some sort of improvement in performance or durability. Typical examples would found in the use of cement injected into voids and cracks in a concrete structure so as to strengthen it or to make it waterproof or the use of cement injected into an area of excavated soil so as to give the soil greater load-resistance and more stability.




Contributors Biographies.


Part I. The Pressure Grouting Process

• Chapter 1. Introduction.

• Chapter 2. Types of Grouting.

• Chapter 3. The Wide World of Grout Materials.

• Chapter 4. Grout Rheology.

• Chapter 5. Cementitious Grout Materials.

• Chapter 6. Cementitious Grout Mixtures.

• Chapter 7. Non-Cementitious Grouts.

• Chapter 8. Tests for Evaluation of Grouts and Grouted Masses.

• Chapter 9. Injection Fundamentals.

• Chapter 10. Grout Holes

• Chapter 11. Grouting in Soil.

• Chapter 12. Grouting in Rock.

• Chapter 13. Grouting in Concrete and Masonry Structures.

• Chapter 14. Grout jacking.

• Chapter 15. Grouting in Pipes and Conduits.

• Chapter 16. Grouting of Underground Structures.

• Chapter 17. Leakage Control in Structures.

• Chapter 18. Grouting in Extreme Environments.

• Chapter 19. The Use of Explosives in Grouting.

• Chapter 20. Emergency Response Grouting.


Part II. Grouting Design and Control of Grouting

• Chapter 21. Understanding Geology.

• Chapter 22. Investigations for Grouting.

• Chapter 23. Design of Grouting In Soil

• Chapter 24. Design of Grouting in Rock.

• Chapter 25. Quality Control, Records, ad Verification.

• Chapter 26. Numeric Analysis in Grouting

• Chapter 27. Specifications and Contracts.

• Chapter 28. The Games Contractors Play.


Part III. Drilling and Grouting Equipment

• Chapter 29. Understanding Power Transmission.

• Chapter 30. Drilling Equipment and Accessories.

• Chapter 31. Pump Mechanics.

• Chapter 32. Grout Pumps.

• Chapter 33. Batchers, Mixers, and Agitators.

• Chapter 34. Unitized Grout Plants.

• Chapter 35. Delivery Lines and Fittings.

• Chapter 36. Gages, Gage Savers and Flow Meters.

• Chapter 37. Packers.

• Chapter 38. Some Concluding Thoughts.


James Warner is a consulting engineer, specializing in the use of concrete grouting for geotechnical applications and structural repair.


The first comprehensive handbook to cover all aspects of grouting technology, including for application in tunneling and rock stabilization, geotechnical applications and structural repair.


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