Professional Android Open Accessory Programming with Arduino

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• Welcome to the Wonderful World of Accessories

• Introduction to Android Open Accessory

• Setting Up the (Arduino) Hardware

• Understanding Data Communication

• Setting up Development Environments

• Creating the Accessory Library

• Using Your Accessory Library

• Digital Arduino

• Analog Arduino

• Projects

• Bike Ride Recorder

• Kitchen Lamp

• Mr Wiley


Andreas Goransson has lectured in programming at several universities and conferences such as EWSN and Android Only! Andreas is currently developing a visual programming environment for Arduino in collaboration with David Cuartielles.


David Cuartielles Ruiz is the head of the Prototyping Laboratory at K3, Malmö University, Sweden; he is also a Research Fellow at the Media Research Studio there.   In 2005 he co-created the Open Hardware platform Arduino, for which he and his partners won an Honorary Mention to the Ars Electronica Digital Community Prix 2006.  



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