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Professional Node.JS: Building Javascript-Based Scalable Software

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· Introduction and setup

· Installing node

· Introducing node

· Node core api basics

· Loading modules

· Using buffers to manipulate, encode, and decode binary data

· Using the event emitter pattern to simplify event binding

· Scheduling the execution of functions using timers

· Files, processes, streams, and networking

· Querying, reading from, and writing to files

· Creating and controlling external processes

· Reading and writing streams of data

· Building tcp servers

· Building http servers

· Building a tcp client

· Making http requests

· Using datagrams (udp)

· Securing your tcp server with tls/ssl

· Securing your http server with https

· Testing modules and applications

· Debugging modules and applications

· Controlling the callback flow

· Building web applications

· Building and using http middleware

· Making a web application using express.js

· Making universal real-time web applications using socket.io

· Connecting to databases

· Connecting to MySQL using node-MySQL

· Connecting to couchdb using Nano

· Connecting to mongodb using mongoose

· Summary

· Index


Pedro Teixeira is a freelance software engineer, focusing on Ruby and Node programming. He is the author of the Fugue and Alfred.js modules for Node, in addition to the popular Note Tuts tutorial screencasts.



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