Pankaj Jalote's Software Engineering: A Precise Approach

Pankaj Jalote

ISBN: 9788126523115

314 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 639


This is an excellent introductory book on Software Engineering - a subject which is one of the hardest to teach since it is such a vast field with a wide range of topics. The book focuses on key tasks in two dimensions - engineering and project management - and discusses concepts and techniques that can be applied to effectively execute these tasks. It covers Engineering issues like requirements analysis and specification, architecture design, module level design, coding and unit testing, and testing as well as Project Management issues like project planning and project monitoring and control.

Chapter 1: The Software Problem

· Cost, Schedule and Quality

· Scale and Change


Chapter 2: Software Processes

· Process and Project

· Component Software Processes

· Software Development Process Models

· Project Management Process


Chapter 3: Software Requirements Analysis and Specification

· Value of a Good SRS

· Requirement Process

· Requirements Specification

· Functional Specification with Use Cases

· Other Approaches for Analysis

· Validation

Chapter 4: Software Architecture

· Role of Software Architecture

· Architecture Views

· Component and Connector View

· Architecture Styles for C&C View

· Documenting Architecture Design

· Evaluating Architectures

Chapter 5: Planning a Software Project-4

· Effort Estimation

· Project Schedule and Staffing

· Quality Planning

· Risk Management Planning

· Project Monitoring Plan

· Detailed Scheduling


Chapter 6: Design

· Design Concepts

· Function-Oriented Design

· Object-Oriented Design

· Detailed Design

· Verification

· Metrics


Chapter 7: Coding and Unit Testing

· Programming Principles and Guidelines

· Incrementally Developing Code

· Managing Evolving Code

· Unit Testing

· Code Inspection

· Metrics


Chapter 8: Testing

· Testing Concepts

· Testing Process

· Black-Box Testing

· White-Box Testing

· Metrics



Self-Assessment Exercises

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