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Vue.js: Understanding its Tools and Ecosystem

Dave Berning

ISBN: 9789388425025

194 pages

INR 799


This book will also go over the main Vue.js library, as well as its first-party accompanying libraries: Vuex for state management and Vue Router for routing. In addition to these, the book will also get you acquainted with Community Partner frameworks like NativeScript for native mobile app development and Nuxt.js for server-rendered applications. Other technologies covered (some of which were released this year) include: TypeScript, Vue DevTools, Vue CLI 3, and VuePress. With “Vue.js: Understanding Its Tools and Ecosystem,” you will quickly learn Vue.js and the popular technologies that make up its evergrowing ecosystem.

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Vue.js

  • Understanding the Virtual DOM
  • Installing Vue.js
  • Understanding the Vue Instance


Chapter 2: Scaffolding Projects With Vue CLI 3

  • Getting Started With Vue CLI 3
  • A Quick Tour of the Generated Project


Chapter 3: Navigation with Vue Router

  • Using Vue Router with Plain JavaScript
  • Using Vue Router Within a Module System (Webpack, Node, Vue


Chapter 4: State Management with Vuex

  • Installing and Setting Up Vuex
  • Adding and Reading Initial State
  • Data Using Actions to Mutate the State


Chapter 5: Debugging With Vue DevTools

  • Installing the Vue DevTools
  • Navigating Through the DevTools


Chapter 6: Server-Side Rendering with Nuxt.js

  • How Does Server-Side Rendering Work?
  • A Little About Nuxt.js
  • Getting Started With Nuxt.js (Manual)
  • Getting Started With the Starter Template (Recommended) Getting Started With “Create Nuxt App”
  • The Directory Structure
  • Creating Pages and Routes


Chapter 7: Static Site Generation with VuePress

  • Installing VuePress
  • Using Vue Components in Markdown Files Creating Page Layouts
  • Routing in VuePress
  • Using VuePress for Documentation


Chapter 8: Mobile App Development with NativeScript for Vue.js

  • Installation
  • Getting Started with Playgrounds
  • Differences Between Vue.js and NativeScript
  • Playing With the Code


Chapter 9: Greater Control of JavaScript and Type Casting with TypeScript

  • What Is TypeScript?
  • Installation
  • Type Casting with TypeScript
  • Declaration Files
  • Interfaces
  • Classes
  • Using TypeScript With Vue.js


Chapter 10: The Future of Vue.js and Adoption Rates

  • More Companies Are Adopting Vue.js Conferences
  • Podcasts