Islam for Dummies

Malcolm Clark

ISBN: 9788126514045

384 pages

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Whether you live or work alongside Muslims and want to relate to them better, or you simply want to gain a better understanding of the world’s second largest religion, Islam For Dummies can help you make sense of this religion and its appeal. From the Quran to Ramadan, this friendly guide introduces you to the origins, practices and beliefs of Islam. Islam For Dummies helps you build bridges of understanding between you and your neighbors in the global village.




Part I: Understanding the Basics

· Approaching Islam

· Tracing the Path of Islamic History

· Submitting to God

· What Muslims Believe

· Standing Before God Heaven and Hell


Part II: Muhammad The Man, the Book, and Rules of Law

· The Prophet Muhammad

· The Book The Qur’an

· Islamic Tradition and Law


Part III Becoming Familiar with Muslim Daily Life

· The Five Pillars of Worship Foundations of Islam

· Observing Other Religious Rituals and Customs

· Muslim Ethics Living the Good Life


Part IV Recognizing That All Muslims Aren’t the Same

· Shi`ites

· Sufis

· Exploring Lesser-Known Sects Linked to Islam

· Islam in America


Part V Considering Islam’s Concept of Abrahamic Religions

· Seeking Common Roots Abrahamic Religion and Beyond

· Seeking Common Ground

· Meeting the Challenge of Modernity


Part VI The Part of Tens

· Ten Muslim Contributions to World Civilization

· Ten Noteworthy Muslims, Past and Present

· Ten Islamic Regions in the News Today


Part VII Appendixes

Appendix A Counting the Years The Muslim Calendar

Appendix B Glossary

Appendix C Resources Digging Deeper