Retail Business Kit for Dummies

Rick Segel

ISBN: 9788126515493

384 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


In Retail Business Kit For Dummies, retail marketing guru Rick Segel gives you the expert advice you need to get your business on its feet, with unbeatable advice on branding, marketing, and merchandising. This guidebook tells how to start and run your business, including day-to-day operations and procedures as well as all the little details retail professional handle on a daily basis.



Part I Testing The Retail Waters

· Retailing How It Really Works and How It Can Work for You

· Defining Your Vision It Starts With a Dream

· Branding Making Your Business Memorable

· Getting to Know Your Customer's Before You Even Have Any

Part II Settin' Up Shop

· Choosing Your Merchandise What to Buy and Where to Find It

· Location, Location, Location Finding the Right Place to Do Business

· Designing Stores That Work

Part III The Details Of Retail Shuffin' Papers

· Creating and Working with a Business Plan

· Choosing a Business Structure

· Keeping Public Officials Happy Permits and Registrations

Part IV Running Your Business

· Creating Your Internal Systems The Day-to-Day Stuff

· Getting the Goods Controlling Your Buying

· Finding, Hiring, and Keeping a Great Staff

· The What-Ifs Your Legal and Financial Responsibilities

Part V Spreading The Word Without Going Broke!

· Generating Word-of-Mouth Advertising

· Advertising Vehicles What to Include in Your Arsenal

· Promoting for Fun and Profit

· Setting Up Successful Sales

Part VI Selling Made Simple

· Selling the Soft Suggestive Way

· Visual Merchandising for the Artistically Deprived and Financially Handicapped

· Selling Online It's an E-World

Part VII Taking Care Of Business

· Money Matters Accounting for Money Coming in and Going Out

· Understanding and Using Financial Statements

Part VIII The Part Of Tens

· Ten Common Retailing Myths

· Ten Keys to Retailing Success

· Ten Common Retail Mistakes

· Ten Reasons to Shop at Independent Specialty Stores

· Ten Ways to WOW a Customer

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