How Clients Buy: A Practical Guide to Business Development for Consulting and Professional Services

Tom McMakin, Doug Fletcher

ISBN: 9788126575985

272 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books


INR 499


Sixty-one million professionals make their living offering clients Insight, Design, Expertise and Advice or IDEAs. Of those, more than six million work for the largest 521 IDEA firms. To be successful, professional accountants, consultants, lawyers, designers, financial advisors, etc can't just do the work, they must be successful at winning new clients. It is impossible to be a partner at a leading law, accounting or consulting firm without being a rainmaker.  Few, however, who are employed in the IDEA trades have been taught how to peddle their work. For all their schooling, most know more about how to deliver their expertise than they do how to sell it.