Inbound Selling: How to Change the Way You Sell to Match How People Buy

Brian Signorelli

ISBN: 9788126576555

288 pages

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INR 399


Over the last decade, Inbound Marketing transformed the way businesses around the world earn buyers' trust and attention. But an unintended consequence came with that change -- the age of the empowered buyer. Today, it is the buyer -- not seller -- who is in complete control. So much so that over 60% of a purchasing decision is completed without a sales rep present, and is expected to be as much as 80% or more in the coming years. Inbound Selling shows the transformation within the sales profession and what your business needs to do now to thrive in the age of the empowered buyer.



On the History of Sales through the Salesperson's Eyes, by Dan Tyre

On the Current State of Sales and What the Decades Ahead May Hold, by Mark Roberge



An Interview with Brian Halligan


Part 1 The "Why?" Behind Inbound Sales

Chapter 1 I Was Never Supposed to Be in Sales  

Chapter 2 Why Inbound Sales Matters


Part 2 How to be an Inbound Seller: A Playbook for the Front-Line Sales Rep

Chapter 3 Identify: How to Identify the Right People and Businesses to Pursue

Chapter 4 Connect: How to Engage Active--and Not So Active--Buyers

Chapter 5 Explore: How to Properly Explore a Buyer's Goals and Challenges

Chapter 6 Advise: How to Advise a Buyer on Whether or Not Your Solution Addresses Their Needs

Chapter 7 Closing and Negotiating


Part 3 How to Lead Inbound Sellers: Reflections for the Front-Line Sales Manager

Chapter 8 The First-Time Sales Rep--to-Manager Survival Guide

Chapter 9 Reflections on Sales Leadership


Part 4 What Inbound Selling Means Across the Executive Suite

Chapter 10 Sales Is a Team Sport: The Executives' Guide to Transforming into an Inbound Sales Organization


Part 5 The Future of Sales and the Sales Profession

Chapter 11 The Future of Sales: An Epilogue by Derek Wyszynski, board advisor at SalesTribe and CEO of RealSalesAdvice