Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations into Business Advantage

Stephen D. Rappaport

ISBN: 9788126534197

316 pages

Exclusively distributed by Times Group Books 


Listen First! responds to four questions often heard: what is listening to social media, how is it used, how is it done, and where is it headed? Currently there isn't an authoritative source that organizes and synthesizes what is known about social media listening and presents it in a way that was useful for making marketing and branding decisions. This book is the response to fill that void.

The author explains the state of the art in social media listening, selecting cases based on solid research that stand up to careful scrutiny and whose methods supported doing excellent listening work. This book will start the conversation on online listening in all companies who want to run more efficiently.

Part I Steps to Effective Listening.

• Organize for Listening, Define Objectives, Key Measures, and Conversations.

• Evaluate and Select Listening Solutions.

• Field, Analyze, and Report and Evaluate Listening Research.

Part II Listening-Led Marketing and Advertising: Applying Listening Insights to Achieve Key Business Objectives.

• Understand the Consumer's Mind-set.

• Discover New Customers.

• Drive New Product Development and Innovation.

• Create Messages That Resonate.

• Improve Products and Services.

• Increase Sales.

• Sense Change to Compete in the Present.

• Rebrand and Reposition Products and Services.

• Manage Reputation.

• Compete Strategically.

• Provide Customer Care and Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Part III Listening-Led Marketing and Media Innovations.

• Social TV Measurement.

• Listening-Based Targeting.

• Achieve Share of Market Goals.

• Listening-Based Sales Prediction.

Part IV Listening's New Frontiers.

• Listen to New Signals.

• Focus on Culture.

• Change the Research Paradigm.

• Rethink Marketing, Media, and Advertising.

• Become a Listening Organization.

Appendix Vendor Profiles A Resource Guide.

Advertising Research Foundation.