Mobilized Marketing: How to Drive Sales, Engagement and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices

Part I The Early Years

· Radio's Days of Glory

· Hipcricket's Beginnings in a Starbucks

· Mobile at the Start of the Millennium

· American Idol Engages a Nation

· RAZR Sharpens Mobile's Focus

· Hipcricket's First Customers

· Listening to the Consumer

· The Brands Show Some Interest

· Mobile as a Natural Progression

· Mobile in the Fight Against Cancer

· Stops and Starts

· Build Me an iPhone App

· Hipcricket Matures, Rebrands

· It's Not Spam on the Phone

· Texting with the Phone to the Ear?

· Mobile Award For Dummies

Part II The Present

· The Recession's Effect on Mobile's Growth: Businesses, Especially Retail, Feel the Pinch

· Behavior Changes Seen in All Age Groups

· Mobile Gets Busy: The Rise of the Call to Action

· Radio Regains Its Magic

· Hipcricket Weathers the Recession

· The Brands Rebound from the Recession

· The Rise of Loyalty Clubs

· MillerCoors Drinks from Android Cup

· Belle Tire Rolls with Mobile

· Other Brands Produce Notable Campaigns

· Trends

· Innovation: Emergence of Multiscreen Marketing

· Looking Internationally for Guidance

· Hipcricket Builds for the Future

Part III The Future

· Determining Whether Mobile Has Arrived

· The Ever-Changing Consumer

· The Tools You Can Use: Considering Mobile Products and Services Individually

· The Real Questions Marketers Should Ask

· Advice from the Smartest Marketers

Conclusion So Where Are We with Mobile Marketing?


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