Twitter Marketing for Dummies



Part I: The Future of Twitter in Business.

• I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet: Twitter and Your Business.

• Getting Started with Twitter.


Part II: Building and Implementing Your Twitter Marketing Roadmap.

• Combining New and Old Media Marketing.

• Planning Your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

• Being Productive with Your Twitter Marketing Plan.

• Your Marketing Plan.


Part III: Devising Online Strategies for Twitter Marketing Domination.

• Building Your Personal Twitter Tribe.

• Leveraging Your Twitter Tribe.

• Reaching Your Customers.

• Creating Quality Content on Twitter.


Part IV: Implementing Twitter Strategies for Offline Marketing Domination.

• Promoting to Attract Sales Leads.

• Improving Your Customer Service.

• Relating to the Public.

• Building Thought Leadership on Twitter.


Part V: The Part of Tens.

• Top Ten Do's on Twitter.

• Top Ten Don'ts on Twitter.

• Top Ten Thought Leaders on Twitter.

• Top Ten Tools to Use for Twitter Productivity.


Appendix: Great Twitter Marketing Ideas in 140 Characters or Less.