SAP SCM, Black Book

Virendra Sharma

ISBN: 9789350043974

296 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 599


The book SAP SCM Black Book provides an overview how to work with the Supply Chain Management (APO) module using the SAP SCM system. Targeting beginners, intermediate and advanced-level readers, this book discusses important concepts associated with different SCM modules as well as explains master data and step-by-step configuration with detailed screenshots. This book aims to provide readers basic and advanced concepts of SAP SCM so that they can perform modeling in the SAP system.


Chapter 1: Introduction to SAP SCM

Introduction to Supply Chain Management and SAP SCM

Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) Architecture

Planning through SAP SCM

Demand Planning

Supply Network Planning

Production Planning and detailed scheduling

Global Available to Promise (GATP)

Core Interface


Chapter 2: Demand Planning

Challenges in the Demand Planning Process

Demand Planning Levels

Demand Planning Components

Master Planning Object Structure

Configuration of MPOS


Chapter 3: Demand Planning Configuration

Demand Planning Master Data

Manual Creation

CVC Creation using Info Cube or Loading through a Work list

Planning Area

Planning Area Initialization

Key Figure Aggregation and Disaggregation

Planning Area Configuration Steps

Storage Bucket Profile


Chapter 4: Demand Planning Book Data Views

Demand Planning Book

Time Bucket Profile

Creating Planning Books

Editing Planning Books

Display and Change Planning Books


Chapter 5: Macros

Macros Functions Macros Types

Steps for Creating and Using Macros

Creating a Macro

Alert Macros


Chapter 6: Demand Planning Functions

Realignment SAP Menu Path for Realignment

Life Cycle Planning



Chapter 7: Planning Book Navigation

Planning Book Navigation

Demand Planning Book Mode

Selection Variant

Distribution Function

Proportional Factor and Disaggregation



Chapter 8: Demand Forecasting

Master Forecast Profile

Univariate Profile

Multi Linear Regression Profile

Composite Forecast Profile

Creating a Forecast

Forecasting methods

Forecasting Error Calculation


Chapter 9: Global Available to Promise

Global Available to Promise vs. Available to Promise

GATP Integration between ECC-SCM

Check Methods

Product Availability Check

Check against Product Allocations

Forecast Check


Chapter 10: Advanced Available to Promise

Advanced Availability to Promise

Rule-based Availability Check

Rule Determination


Chapter 11: Supply Network Planning

Planning Horizon

SNP Process Flow

SNP Functionalities

SNP Master Data

Product Master

Resource Master



Chapter 12: Interactive Supply Network Planning

SNP Interactive Planning Book

Demand Elements in the Planning Book

Supply Elements in the Planning Book

Key Stock Elements in the Planning Book

Capacity Data Creating a Selection Profile

Displaying Details in a Cell

Header Properties


Chapter 13: Supply Network Planning Methods

Heuristics SNP Heuristics Process

Scheduling in Heuristics

Capacity Leveling


SNP Optimization


Chapter 14: Core Interface

Core Interface Setting CIF Connection

Integration Model

Integration Model Creation & Activation

Initial and Delta Transfer