SAP ABAP / 4 (Covers SAP ECC 6.0) Black Book

Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

ISBN: 9788177224290

696 pages

INR 849


SAP ABAP/4 Black Book (2009 Edition) presents a detailed discussion on working with ABAP using the mySAP ERP system. Targeting intermediate and advanced level readers, this book provides comprehensive content on the various concepts of the SAP ABAP technology. Hundreds of topics are discussed theoretically as well as practically in different chapters of the book. The book covers SAP R/3 release, the functionalities of ABAP/4 language, various tools to develop ABAP programs in SAP, Data Access in SAP system, System Architecture and System Administration.


· A Gateway to SAP

· The Logon Process of the SAP System

· SAP Easy Access

· Understanding ABAP Workbench

· ABAP Dictionary

· ABAP Programming in ABAP editor

· Internal Tables

· Accessing Data in the SAP System

· Modularization Techniques

· ABAP User Dialogs

· The BDC and LSMW Tools

· Forms in SAP: SAP script and SAP Smart Forms

· Reports

· Business Add-Ins


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