Wiley's SAT Reading Grail 2019

Aristotle Prep

ISBN: 9788126575831

440 pages

INR 949


The Wiley-Aristotle SAT Reading Grail 2019 is a one-stop shop for those who want to attain a high score on the Verbal section of the New SAT. It helps you master the Reading Test section in a step-by-step manner. It first helps you build a strong theoretical foundation, then addresses the error types in depth and finally lets you apply and fine tune the concepts learnt on the 8 SAT-like practice sets. This methodical approach ensures that you first develop a strong foundation in the concepts required to ace the Reading Test concepts and then attain mastery through rigorous practice.


Section 1 – About the SAT

Section 2 – Diagnostic Test

Section 3 – The SAT Reading Test

Section 4 – SAT Reading Test—Question Types

Section 5 – Top 22 Tips to Ace the SAT Reading Test

Section 6 – SAT Reading Practice Sets 1-8

SAT Reading Practice Set – 1

SAT Reading Practice Set – 2

SAT Reading Practice Set – 3

SAT Reading Practice Set – 4

SAT Reading Practice Set – 5

SAT Reading Practice Set – 6

SAT Reading Practice Set – 7

SAT Reading Practice Set – 8

Answers and Explanations

Section 7 – Quick Recall

Index—QR Codes



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