Search & Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing

Rob Garner

ISBN: 9788126542505

408 pages

Exclusively distributed by Times Group Books 


Written by an internet marketing expert with deep experience in search engine optimization and social media marketing, this is the ultimate guide to creating, implementing, maintaining and measuring a real-time marketing strategy that leverages today's tools and technology to help readers garner loyal, engaged customers and revenue.  Search and Social shows tell readers how to develop a strategic plan that encompasses content, platform and community management before diving into the specifics of how to use which tools for everything from creating search and social content to effectively using social media platforms and today's other tools and technologies, including blogs, news releases and other PR channels.


• Real-Time Publishing and Marketing

• Understanding Search and Social

• Ramping up for a Real-Time Content Marketing Strategy

• Market Research and Content Types

• Content Strategy: Auditing, Assessment and Planning

• Creating Effective and Engaging Content

• Social Network Platforms

• Blogs, Google News and Press Releases

• Developing and Engaging in Real-Time Communities

• Technical Considerations and Implementation

• Video and Images

• More Considerations for Real-Time Content Marketing, Search and Social

• Social Media Management

• Metrics and Measurement