Security Analysis And Portfolio Management, 2ed

Ambika Prasad Dash

ISBN: 9789389976045

464 pages

INR 495


Security Analysis and Portfolio Management endeavours to provide concepts, text and cases for a course on Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, which is widely taught in the business schools around the world. It is consciously planned to help students to acquire knowledge, develop analytical skills and gain insights pertaining to how a fund manager strikes winning strategies for investment by using time-tested, validated and proven techniques which ranges from fundamental analysis to mundane mathematical models. The book is divided in four broad parts.


  • Introduction to Investment
  • Investment Global Scenario
  • Securities Markets
  • Financial Assets and Investment Opportunities
  • Risk and Returns
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Dynamics of Indian Economy
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Valuation of Companies
  • Industry Analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Performance of Mutual Funds in India
  • Sub-Prime Crisis and Securitisation
  • Private Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Case Study: Value at Risk
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Case Study: Study of Selected Commodity Derivatives
  • Corporate Governance and SEBI Guidelines
  • Index



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