A Culinary Tour of India

Yogesh Singh

ISBN: 9789389520576

INR 595


A Culinary Tour of India is an honest endeavor in comprehensively describing and generating awareness about the history, evolution and impact of various elements on the remarkable cuisine of our country. It is the winner of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (Best Cooking Schools and Best Culinary Travel Book) from India. The regional variations along with wide-ranging cooking styles and various facets of Indian cuisine have been researched and compiled for the information of food enthusiasts and budding hoteliers. This book would act as a useful reference resource for all Bon Vivants, Hotel Management graduates and those pursuing their career in the hotel industry.


India: A Brief Introduction


Part A: Indian Cuisine

  • A broad perspective
  • Shaping up of Indian cuisine
  • Classification of food
  • Impact of religion on Indian cuisine
  • Catering trends in India
  • Festive foods of India
  • Food and Ayurveda
  • Brief introduction of Indian cuisine


Part B: Regional Cuisine: Gastronomic Overview

  • Awadhi cuisine (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Bengali cuisine
  • Bihari cuisine
  • Goan cuisine
  • Gujarati cuisine
  • Haryanvi cuisine
  • Himachali cuisine
  • Hyderabadi cuisine –Andhra Pradesh
  • Karnataka cuisine
  • Kashmiri cuisine
  • Kerala cuisine
  • Madhya pradesh cuisine
  • Maharashtrian cuisine
  • North eastern cuisine of India
  • Odiya cuisine
  • Punjabi cuisine
  • Rajasthani cuisine
  • Sikkimese cuisine
  • Tamil nadu cuisine
  • Uttarakhand cuisine
  • Community cuisine


Part C: Significant Topic: Soul of Indian Cuisine

  • Spices – heartbeat & essence of Indian cuisine
  • Basic gravies and pastes
  • Tandoor – marinades and tenderizers
  • Biryani and Pulao
  • Breads
  • Sweets
  • Beverages
  • Equipments



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