Resilience: How to Cope When Everything Around you Keeps Changing

Liggy Webb

ISBN: 9788126544134

200 pages

Exclusively distributed by Times Group Books 


This book is the flip to How To Be Happy; a book which offers a reassuring and empowering guide to finding positivity and inner strength, it helps individuals to understand that it is not what happens to them, it is the way that they react and respond. The book will support individuals in developing a personal toolkit that will equip them to cope with the day to day challenges that they will inevitably have to deal with. The key messages in the book will be to keep things simple and to avoid any unnecessary complexities.

An introduction to resilience

How resilient are you?

1. Take a journey of self-discovery

2. See the glass half full

3. Take emotional control

4. Change for the better

5. Cope well with conflict

6. Embrace probortunities

7. Look after yourself

8. Make connections

9. Keep going

10. Create a vision

Desiderata A creed for life

Resilience materials

Top 20 survival songs

Useful resources


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