S.U.M.O. Your Relationships: How to Handle Not Strangle the People You Live and Workwith

SUMO Appreciation


Part One

· The Seven SUMO Realities

· Reality Rules

· E + R = O

· Remember The Beach Ball

· Stress Makes You Stupid

· Investment Pays

· Give Yourself The VIP Treatment

· Beware of Light Bulbs

Part Two

The Seven Insights And Seven Characters

· Check Out Your Attitude

· The Ditherer

· Humility Helps

· The Commander

· Listen Loud

· The Hijacker

· Excel in Encouragement

· The Awfuliser

· Express Your Expectations

· The Happy

· Positivity pays

· The Whinger

· Confront With Care

· The Swinger

· SUMO in Action

· Personal Post Script

· What Was Your SUMO Take Away?

· Bring SUMO Into Your Organisation

Appendix A: Overview of the Six SUMO Principles

Appendix B: List of the 7 SUMO Question