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Spirituality for Dummies

Sharon Janis

ISBN: 9788126514304

384 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


A book that will exhilarate your mind and inflame your soul, Spirituality For Dummies puts you on the path to living a more spiritual life. These pages will enlighten you by simplifying not-so-simple concepts. This guide brings spirituality down to earth for you with explanations of spiritual practices, including meditation, yoga and prayer. This is accompanied by a bonus audio CD which includes over 60 minutes of inspirational music Gospel songs from the Agape international choir Eastern songs and chants performed in their native languages by the author and other singers Christian chanting by the Desert Fathers.  It explores spiritual ideas from a variety of religious and philosophical texts in combination with relevant psychological and scientific research.



Part I : Getting Acquainted with Spirituality

· Spirituality Defined

· Uncovering Your Own Spirit

· Your Soul's Journey in This World

· Spirituality in Your Daily Life

Part II: Spiritual Practices for Fun and Prophet

· If I'm Already Spiritual, Why Do I Need Practices?

· Practices to Energize Your Body

· Practices to Empower Your Mind

· Practices to Nourish Your Spirit

Part III: Spiritual Is As Spiritual Does

· Cultivating Spiritual Virtues

· As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Part IV: Spiritualize Everything!

· From Greed to Divine Abundance

· From Worldly Attachments to Spiritual Freedom

· From Trials to Transcendence: Growing from Adversity

· From Relationships to Divine Love

Part V: Seeking Spirituality in Every Moment

· Let Go and Let God

· Be a Co-Creator

· Living in a Conscious World

Part VI: The Part of Tens

· Ten Small Things You Can Do to Uplift Your Life

· Spiritual-Sounding Lines and What They May Really Mean

· Ten More Commandments

· Ten Examples of Seeing Your Life with Spiritual Eyes

Appendix A: Resources

Appendix B: About the CD


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