Sports: A Way of Life

Kanishka Pandey

ISBN: 9788126578429

164 pages

INR 729


Sports: A Way of Life is a comprehensive, academic work on sports based on research work by the author. It is a unique book for the aspiring future sports maestros and is highly beneficial to the students, researchers, sportspersons and general readers. It educates about the 16 values of sports in overcoming the most traumatic and difficult situations in life. This book has attempted to bring back the country on the path of a happy, healthy and progressive society.This book presents a new idea of how sports is helpful for a happy and healthy society. After reading this book, one can derive inspiration and know more about how to manage tensions and how to overcome the associated anxieties. Readers would be able to understand the offerings sports provides in their daily lives. They can imbibe in them the sports values to effectively confront various challenges in this increasingly competitive world.







Chapter 1 The Dichotomy between Philosophy of Life and Sports

Chapter 2 Sports Values

Chapter 3 Mass Acceptance of Sports Values

Chapter 4 Sports Values and the Government Sector

Chapter 5 Sports Values and Industrial Sector

Chapter 6 Links between Depression and Sports

Chapter 7 Body Devoid of Sports: A Fertile Ground for Depression

Chapter 8 Depression v/s Fighting Spirit

Chapter 9 Role of Sports Values in Shaping the Personality of a Sportsperson

Chapter 10 Time to Make Sports a Movement




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