The Ultimate Book of Influence: 10 Tools of Persuasion to Connect, Communicate and Win in Business


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Introduction: the new reality


Part I Influencing yourself -- action and clarity

1 Tool number 1: breaking down the e-wall

2 Tool number 2: the butterfly

3 Tool number 3: the sunset


Part II Influencing others: getting your own way

4 Tool number 4: act as if

5 Tool number 5: FORD

6 Tool number 6: positive, positive, positive -- negative


Part III Reading people

7 Tool number 7: the colors

8 Tool number 8: reading body language


Part IV Selling and winning: certainty and simplicity

9 Tool number 9: same, same but different

10 Tool number 10: move to the side



Appendix: How are you tracking?

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