Service Management

Bholanath Dutta, B. Rose Kavitha

ISBN: 9789389307986

192 pages

INR 315


Service industries are quite varied. The government sector, with its courts, employment services. hospitals, loan agencies, military services, police and fire departments, post office, regulatory agencies, and schools, are in the service business. The private non-profit sector, with its museums. charities, churches, colleges, foundations, and hospitals, are in the service business. A good part of the business sector, with its airlines, banks, computer-service bureaus, hotels, insurance companies, law firms, management-consulting firms, medical practices, motion-picture companies, plumbing-repair companies, and real-estate firms, are in the service business.

  • Introduction to Service Management
  • Tourism and Travel Services
  • Banking and Insurance Services
  • Finance and Marketing Services
  • Health Care and Educational Services
  • Index



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