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Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art

Steve Mcconnell

ISBN: 9789350041284

340 pages

INR 999


In this highly anticipated book, acclaimed author Steve McConnell unravels the mystery to successful software estimation-distilling academic information and real-world experience into a practical guide for working software professionals. Instead of arcane treatises and rigid modeling techniques, this guide highlights a proven set of procedures, understandable formulas, and heuristics that individuals and development teams can apply to their projects to help achieve estimation proficiency.


Critical Estimation Concepts

· What Is an "Estimate"?

· How Good an Estimator Are You?

· Value of Accurate Estimates

· Where Does Estimation Error Come From?

· Estimate Influences

Fundamental Estimation Techniques

· Introduction to Estimation Techniques

· Count, Compute, Judge

· Calibration and Historical Data

· Individual Expert Judgment

· Decomposition and Recomposition

· Estimation by Analogy

· Proxy-Based Estimates

· Expert Judgment in Groups

· Software Estimation Tools

· Use of Multiple Approaches

· Flow of Software Estimates on a Well-Estimated Project

· Standardized Estimation Procedures

Specific Estimation Challenges

· Special Issues in Estimating Size

· Special Issues in Estimating Effort

· Special Issues in Estimating Schedule

· Estimating Planning Parameters

· Estimate Presentation Styles

· Politics, Negotiation, and Problem Solving

Appendix A Estimate Sanity Check