French Phrases for Dummies

Dodi-Katrin Schmidt, Michelle M. Williams, Dominiq

ISBN: 9788126507160

206 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


French Phrasebook For Dummies covers basic language information, focusing on the most common phrases a student new to the study of the language needs. Whether studying for school, business, or travel, it provides readers with tips on how to use French in everyday situations, such as posing simple questions, chatting about the family, finding your way around, and talking about the weather. From job-related expressions to translations of directions, numbers, and time, it teaches real-world language skills that readers can use immediately.



Chapter 1: I Say It How? Speaking French.

Chapter 2: Grammar on a Diet: Just the Basics.

Chapter 3: Numerical Gumbo: Counting of All Kinds.

Chapter 4: Making New Friends and Enjoying Small Talk.

Chapter 5: Enjoying a Drink and a Snack (or Meal!).

Chapter 6: Shop ’Til You Drop!


Chapter 7: Making Leisure a Top Priority.

Chapter 9: I Get Around: Transportation.

Chapter 10: Laying Down Your Weary Head: House or Hotel.

Chapter 11: Dealing with Emergencies.

Chapter 12: Ten Favorite Expressions.

Chapter 13: Ten Phrases That Make You Sound French.




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