Spirituality for Dummies, 2ed

Sharon Janis

ISBN: 9788126519149

384 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


Spirituality For Dummies, 2nd Edition, includes 25 percent new and revised material. New topics range from how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life to examining the scientific power of prayer and how to grow through adversity. This edition also includes an accompanying audio CD.



Part I: Getting Acquainted with Spirituality

· Finding Authentic Spirituality

· Defining Spirituality

· Discovering Your Spirit

· Exploring Your Soul’s Journey

· Finding Your Spiritual Path

Part II: Spiritual Practice Makes Perfect

· If You’re Already Spiritual, Why Practice?

· Spiritually Energizing Your Body

· Empowering Your Mind

· Nourishing Your Spirit

Part III: Living a Spiritual Life

· Cultivating Spiritual Virtues

· Uplifting Your Whole Life

· Turning Troubles into Triumphs

· Finding the Deep Calling of Your Soul

Part IV: This Conscious Universe: How You Connect

· The Nature of Universal Creation

· The Laws of Karma and Attraction

· When Thy Will Be Done Becomes My Will Be Done

· Liberation, Enlightenment, and the Cosmic Joke

Part V: The Part of Tens

· Ten Small Things You Can Do to Uplift Your Life

· Ten Spiritual-Sounding Lines and What They May Really Mean

· Ten Opportunities to See Your Life with Spiritual Eyes

· Ten More Commandments

Appendix: About the CD



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