Wiley's SSC - CGL Exam Goalpost Comprehensive Guide, Tier - 2 & 3, 2018

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ISBN: 9788126576692

428 pages

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SSC-CGL Exam Goalpost Comprehensive Guide, Tier-2&3 is the FIRST book of its kind for this exam that comes with detailed solutions, not just the answer key, for each and every question included in it. It promotes self-evaluation by enabling you to not only practice and revise concepts, but also keep track of your progress. This book allows you to win over the doubts and fears generally associated with exams, expand your span of concentration in a single sitting, and hone your time management skills, enabling you to answer questions within the given time frame.



Structure of the Book

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Section 1. About the SSC CGL Tier 2 and 3 2017

Section 2. How should you prepare for the SSC CGL Tier 2 exam?

Section 3. Previous Years’ Solved Papers

a. SSC CGL Comprehensive Guide Tier-2 Exam Analysis, 2016

b. SSC Combined Graduate Level (Tier-2 & 3) Exam – 2016 (Memory Based)

Answers and explanations

c. Ssc Combined Graduate Level (Tier 3) Exam – 2016

Answers and explanations

d. SSC Combined Graduate Level (Tier-2 & 3) Exam – 2015

Answers and explanations

e. SSC Combined Graduate Level (Tier-2 & 3) Exam – 2014

Answers and explanations

f. SSC Combined Graduate Level (Tier-2 & 3) Exam – 2013

Answers and explanations

Section 4. Quantitative Aptitude

a. Introduction

b. Number System

c. Square Root

d. Algebra

e. Equations

f. Inequality

g. Permutation and Combination

h. Probability

i. Set Theory

j. Arithmetic

k. Percentage

l. Time and Work

m. Time, Speed and Distance

n. Geometry

o. Mensuration

p. Trigonometry

q. Data Interpretation

r. Data Sufficiency

s. Practice Sets

Answers and Explanations


Section 5. English Language

a. Grammar Concepts

b. Sentence Completion

c. Phrase Substitution

d. Spot the Error

e. Active/Passive Voice

f. Direct/Indirect Speech

g. Reading Comprehension

h. Reading Comprehension Concepts

i. Keywords

j. Types of Reading Comprehension Questions

k. Sentence Arrangement

l. Para Jumbles

m. Types of Mandatory Pairs

n. Vocabulary

o. SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Word List

p. Vocabulary Practice Set

q. Meaning of Phrases/Idioms

r. Cloze Test

s. Practice Sets

Answers and Explanations


Section 6. Test Taking Strategy

Section 7. Model Test Papers

a. SSC-CGL (Tier-2 & 3) – Model Test 1

Answers and Explanations

b. SSC-CGL (Tier-2 & 3) – Model Test 2

Answers and Explanations

c. SSC-CGL (Tier-2 & 3) – Model Test 3

Answers and Explanations


Section 8. How to approach SSC CGL Tier 3

a. Essay Writing

b. Letter Writing

c. Practice Questions

d. Answer and Explanations

e. Precis Writing


Section 9. Quick Reckoner

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