Statistics For Management Using Microsoft Excel

Ash Narayan Sah

ISBN: 9789389872477

432 pages

INR 525


Statistics for Management using MS Excel caters to the requirements of MBA students. The aim is to provide clear cut knowledge of various statistical tools using Microsoft Excel. Moreover, this book will also be useful for researchers, practitioners and other undergraduate and postgraduate courses of various institutes and universities. Today, managers must know how to convert data into information. This skill extends beyond the computation of statistics. The requirement of the business world is a book which not only gives statistical concepts but also its applications to the real world.

  • Overview of Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Probability
  • Random Variable and Probability Distributions
  • Sampling and Sampling Distribution
  • Estimation and Confidence Interval
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Chi-Square Test and Analysis of Variance
  • Time Series Forecasting and Index Numbers
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Simple Linear Regression Model
  • Multiple Linear Regression Model
  • Non-parametric Methods
  • Index



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