Stock Options for Dummies

Alan R. Simon

ISBN: 9788126510122

332 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


Stock options are no longer solely an executive perk. While most books on the subject focus on how business owners can set up a stock options program for their company, this book shows option holders at all levels the keys to exercising one of the most lucrative benefits in today's booming market. This friendly guide brings you clear, detailed explanation of the different types of stock options-pre-IPO versus post-IPO options.



Part I: The Fundamentals of Stock Options

· Stock Options: What You Need to Know Right Off the Bat

· Taking Your Chances: Getting Rich or Going Broke

· Knowing What Kind of Stock Option Situation is Best for You

· The Big Guys and The Big Picture

Part II: Details, Details: What You Must Know about Your Stock Options

· Deciphering the Legal Language of Stock Option Agreements

· Exercising Your Stock Options

· Differentiating Pre-IPO and Post-IPO Stock Options

· No Trading Allowed! Lockups and Blackout Periods

· Finding Stock Option Information Online

Part III: Money!

· Determining What Your Stock Options Are Really Worth

· Stock Options and Your Overall Portfolio

Part IV: Pay Up! Taxes and Stock Options

· Understanding the Basics of Taxes and Stock Options

· Nonqualified Stock Options and Taxes

· Incentive Stock Options and Taxes

Part V: Changes and Special Circumstances

· The Alternative Minimum Tax and Stock Options

· Acquiring or Being Acquired: Dealing with Corporate Change

· Trying to Predict What Will Happen to Your Stock Options

· Leaving Your Job: What Happens to Your Stock Options?

Part VI: The Part of Tens

· Special Stock Option Circumstances

· Ten Signs That Your Stock Options Will Be Worth a Lot!

· Ten Signs That Your Stock Options Will Probably Be Worthless!

· Ten Things to Look for in Your Stock Option Agreement




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