Successful Product Design and Management Toolkit

David Fradin

ISBN: 9788126564996

784 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 995


Successful Product Design and Management Toolkit covers most of these competencies. It is a comprehensive toolkit with various templates and frameworks for efficient management of products (and services) to exponentially enhance the possibilities of success. It is a necessary guide for all those involved in product success, with special attention to product managers. The book provides a hands-on tour of David’s product management lifecycle, starting from product strategy to marketing, user experience, and pricing strategy.

Program Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Successful Management of Products

Topic 1.1: What Must Products Have to Succeed?
Topic 1.2: History of the Management of Products?
Topic 1.3: What Distinguishes Products and what is Services?
Topic 1.4: Business Model and Canvas Highlight 1: Successful Management of Products in Startups
Topic 1.5: Product Management Lifecycle and Framework
Topic 1.6: Product Management Competencies Competencies
Topic 1.7: What Makes a Customer Centric Organization?
Topic 1.8: Role of Values and Vision
Topic 1.9: Understanding the Customer Journey
Topic 1.10: The Changing Business Environment Creating Insanely Great Customers
Topic 1.11: Systems and Tools for Product Management
Highlight 2: Careers in the Successful Management of Products

Module 2: Product Market Strategy

Topic 2.1: Building a Product Market Strategy
Topic 2.2: The Value of Do Topic 2.3: How To Define A Do
Topic 2.4: Information Gathering:Market Research
Topic 2.5: Going to Development:Process and Innovation
Topic 2.6: Discover New Markets and Market Growth
Topic 2.7: Value Proposition
Highlight 1: Writing Product Description
Topic 2.8: Personas
Topic 2.9: Market Adoption Cycles
Topic 2.10: Markets and Market Segments
Topic 2.11: Total Available (Addressable) Market (TAM)
Topic 2.12: Target Markets
Topic 2.13: Competitive Environment
Topic 2.14: Product Positioning
Topic 2.15: Product Roadmaps
Topic 2.16: Product Portfolios
Topic 2.17: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
Topic 2.18: Penetrating Existing and New Markets
Topic 2.19: Channels, Partners and Affiliates
Topic 2.20: Training for Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Channels, Partners,Affiliates, Operations, Support and Service
Topic 2.21: Cost and Pricing Strategy and Business Model
Topic 2.22: Sales Forecasting
Topic 2.23: Budgeting, Expense Control and Return-On-Investment
Topic 2.24: Intellectual Property

Highlight 2: The Product Market Strategy Plan

Module 3: Marketing

Topic 3.1: Marketing and Marketing Plan
Topic 3.2: Understanding Market Differences
Topic 3.3: Marketing Strategies and the 11 Ps
Topic 3.4: Marketing and Generating Leads Online
Topic 3.5: The Media Mix
Topic 3.6: Messaging and Content
Topic 3.7: Packaging, Bundling and Promotions
Topic 3.8: Marketing Communications
Topic 3.9: Managing Budgets, Schedules and Metrics

Highlight: Developing a Marketing Plan

Module 4: Business Skills
Topic 4.1: Persuasive Communication
Topic 4.2: Impactful Presentations
Topic 4.3: Expanding Networks
Topic 4.4: Negotiation and Mediation
Topic 4.5: Program Management
Topic 4.6: Basic Data Analysis

Module 5: User Experience and User Interface
Topic 5.1: User Experience in Mobile
Topic 5.2: User Interface

Module 6: Product Engineering
Topic 6.1: Prioritization Features and Kano Analysis
Topic 6.2: Product Research And Development
Topic 6.3: Agile Product Development Methodologies
Topic 6.4: Agile Roles and Scrum Methodology
Topic 6.5: Agile Development Planning
Topic 6.6: Agile Development Key Metrics
Topic 6.7: Testing in Agile Product Development
Topic 6.8: Importance & Types Of Product Testing
Topic 6.9: Managing Beta Programs

Module 7: Product Support
Topic 7.1: Product Support
Topic 7.2: Importance of Documentation

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