Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics, 2ed: A Feedback Systems Approach

John D. Morecroft

ISBN: 9788126557080

504 pages

INR 899


Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics is an essential guide to credible models; helping you to understand modelling as a creative process for distilling and communicating those factors that drive business success and sustainability. Written by an internationally regarded authority, the book covers all stages of model building, from conceptual to analytical. The book demonstrates a range of in-depth practical examples that vividly illustrate important or puzzling dynamics in firm operations, strategy, public policy and everyday life.

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Preface to the Second Edition

Preface from the First Edition

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Chapter 1 The Appeal and Power of Strategic Modelling  

Chapter 2 Introduction to Feedback Systems Thinking

Chapter 3 Modelling Dynamic Systems

Chapter 4 World of Showers

Chapter 5 Cyclical Dynamics and the Process of Model Building

Chapter 6 The Dynamics of Growth from Diffusion

Chapter 7 Managing Business Growth

Chapter 8 Industry Dynamics -- Oil Price and the Global Oil Producers

Chapter 9 Public Sector Applications of Strategic Modelling

Chapter 10 Model Validity, Mental Models and Learning
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