Study Abroad for Dummies

Erin E. Sullivan

ISBN: 9788126515462

356 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


Study Abroad For Dummies is for any student who wants to find out about another country’s customs, languages, and people by living in that country for an extended period of time.

This book guides readers through making a smooth transition back to their home environment, with helpful advice on adjusting to life back home and ways to capitalize on their study abroad venture.



Part I Study Abroad Basics

· All Abroad! Getting the Lowdown on Studying Abroad

· Timing Is Everything Knowing When to Go

· Ready, Set, Plan!

· Thinking Ahead Prerequisites for Studying Abroad

Part II Finding A Program That Is Right For You

· Hitting the Library Researching Program Options

· Beware Hazards in Transferring Credit

· Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief Considering Special Areas of Study

· Daring to Be Different The British University System

Part III Applying To Schools And Programs Abroad

· Submitting Applications

· What Will It Cost and How Will I Pay for It?

· I’ve Been Accepted! Now What?

Part IV Leaving Home And Going Abroad

· Getting Ready to Go

· All the Right Stuff Taking What You Need

· Settling In and Enjoying Your New Home

· Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road and Other Cultural Differences

· Money Makes the World Go ’Round

· Staying Safe Abroad

· An Apple a Day Staying Healthy While You’re Away

Part V Returning Home

· All Good Things Must End Getting Ready to Go Home

· Bracing Yourself for Re-entry Shock

· Going Abroad Again!

Part VI The Part Of Tens

· Ten Unique Study Abroad Programs

· Ten Fun Adventures

· Ten Considerations for Nontraditional Destinations

· Ten Reasons to Do Grad School Abroad




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