Textbook of Environmental Biology

A.L. Bhatia

ISBN: 9789389698398

INR 455


The book covers a wide range of topics: water resources, mineral resources, food resources, energy resources and land resources. The book also deals with biodiversity at the global, national and local levels as well as presents pollution case studies and disaster management. Different dimensions of environmental biology including topics like El-Nino and La Nina effect, ozone layer depletion, environmental water pollution, environmental soil pollution, noise pollution, pollution due to pesticides, natural disaster management vis-à-vis Tsunami, continental drift vis-à-vis earthquake, impact of urbanization, colonization in space sustainable environment, etc.

  • Environment
  • Ecology
  • Law of Liebig, Shelford and Limiting Factors
  • Ecosystem
  • Ecosystem: Abiotic Factors
  • Ecosystem: Biotic Factors
  • Energy Flow and Food Chain
  • Ecological Niche
  • Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Population Ecology
  • Community Ecology
  • Ecological Succession (Changes in a Community)
  • Habitat Ecology: The Fresh Water Habitat
  • Marine Habitat
  • Terrestrial Habitat
  • Major Biomes
  • Environment and Human Beings
  • Natural Resources: Present Status and Future Needs
  • Conservation and Management of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Soil Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • Pollution by Pesticides
  • Bioaccumulation, Biomagnification and Biodegradation
  • Green House Effect
  • El Niño and La Niña Effects
  • Ozone Layer Depletion
  • Radiation and Environment
  • Natural Disasters
  • Tsunami
  • Population and Urbanization
  • Biodiversity
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Sustainability of the Environment
  • Index



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