The Official Guide for NMAT by GMAC Review 2017


ISBN: 9788126567225

INR 899


The Official Guide for NMAT by GMACTM Review 2017 is the only official guide for the NMAT examination provided by GMAC® and is the only source of official information about the examination format, structure, question types, official questions from the previous years, and well as tips and strategies to approach and ace the examination. The book includes a comprehensive coverage of all exam topics and presents useful tips to approach each section. It also reviews each of the concepts in a simple, jargon free language. This updated and revised edition of the book includes 480 questions from past NMATTM exams and 550 practice questions with 240 new questions—all with answers and detailed explanations. The book also provides 2 full-length past NMAT by GMACTM exam papers with (120 never-before-seen questions) to mirror the actual NMAT by GMACTM exam experience.

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1 What is the NMAT by GMAC™ Exam?
1.0 What is the NMAT by GMAC™ Exam?
1.1 Why Take the NMAT
by GMAC™ Exam?
1.2 NMAT
by GMAC™ Exam Format
1.3 NMAT
by GMAC™ Exam Structure and Features
1.4 Review Exam
1.5 NMAT
by GMAC™ Scores
1.6 NMAT
by GMAC™ Accepting Schools
1.7 Important Dates
1.8 NMAT
by GMAC™ Test Centers
1.9 About GMAC

2. Quantitative Skills Review
2.0 Quantitative Skills Review
2.1 Top Tips to Prepare for Quantitative Skills
2.2 Arithmetic
2.3 What is Measured?
2.4 Overall Test Taking Strategies
2.5 Algebra
2.6 What is Measured?
2.7 Overall Test Taking Strategies
2.8 Geometry and Mensuration
2.9 What is Measurement?
2.10 Overall Test Taking Strategies
2.11 Modern Math
2.12 What is Measured?
2.13 Overall Test Taking Strategies
2.14 Data Interpretation
2.15 What is Measured?
2.16 Overall Test Taking Strategies
2.17 Data Sufficiency
2.18 What is Measured?
2.19 Overall Test Taking Strategies

3. Quantitative Skills Practice
3.1 Practice Questions
3.2 Answers and Explanations

4. Language Skills Review
4.0 Language Skills Review
4.1 Top Tips to Prepare for Language Skills
4.2 Vocabulary
4.3 What is Measured?
4.4 Overall Test Taking Strategies
4.5 Grammar
4.6 What is Measured?
4.7 Overall Test Taking Strategies
4.8 Comprehension
4.9 What is Measured?
4.10 Overall Test Taking Strategies

5. Language Skills Practice
5.1 Practice Questions
5.2 Answers and Explanations


6. Logical Reasoning Review
6.0 Logical Reasoning Review
6.1 Tips to Prepare for Logical Reasoning
6.2 Verbal Reasoning
6.3 What is Measured?
6.4 Overall Test Taking Strategies
6.5 Analytical Reasoning
6.6 What is Measured?
6.7 Overall Test Taking Strategies

7. Logical Reasoning Practice
7.1 Practice Questions
7.2 Answers and Explanations

8. Past NMAT
by GMAC™ Test Papers
8.1 Past NMAT by GMAC™ Test Paper—1
8.2 Past NMAT
by GMAC™ Test Paper—2