The Way of The Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable

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Author : Geoff Burch
ISBN 13 : 9788126508617
Pages : 378
Type : Paperbound
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The Way of the Dog is based on Geoff Burch's sheepdog story - familiar to many from his international speaking activity and his previous book Resistance is Useless. He uses the analogy of a sheepdog herding sheep to describe a sales process with a reluctant customer who is steered, through obstacles to a position where a purchase is guaranteed. The book deals with this idea of inevitability and gives you a step by step road map to applying it to whatever your particular goals are. It combines the quick wit of a stand up comedian with the serious thoughtfulness of a psychoanalyst, giving a book full of usable hints and tips. He explains the value and power of persuasion - a verbal martial art that, if used correctly will always give you the outcome you desire in your personal and business dealings.




· The Way of the Dog-The Story about the Story

· The Way of the Dog-Instructions for Use

· The Way of the Dog

· The Way of the Dog in a Nutshell

About the Author


Geoff Burch is a writer and motivational speaker. He has made his name as one of the funniest and most compelling names on the business circuit. He has written three books for Capstone, all critically acclaimed for their humour and wisdom: Resistance is Useless, Go It Alone! and Writing on the Wall.


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