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Lingua Essays for TOEFL / IELTS

Lingua Forum

ISBN: 9788177224238

INR 299


Learning English Composition requires a rigorous practice of both reading and writing, but this practice must not be unstructured and aimless: you have got to follow a well-structured learning program. This book guides you on the basic organization of an essay and provides a plethora of writing topics. You get to know what a writing strategy is all about, what transitional expressions are, and what are the six level to which essays are graded. A table is given with 185 essay topics arranged under the five categories, along with their frequency of appearance in tests. A sample essay is given for each of the 185 topics-these 185 essays show you the way you should write essays in English. This book would be of immense help to all candidates for TOEFL and IELTS.