Trace Chemical Sensing of Explosives

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Author : Ronald L. Woodfin
ISBN 13 : 9788126540976
Pages : 390
Type : Hardbound

Part I:  Fundamental Considerations


· Chapter 1. Chemical Sensing.

· Chapter 2. What to Detect?

· Chapter 3. Dangerous Innovations.

· Chapter 4. Where Should We Look For Explosive Molecules?

· Chapter 5. Structure of Turbulent Chemical Plumes.


Part II: Field Experience


· Chapter 6. Detection of Trace Explosive Signatures in the Marine Environment.

· Chapter 7. Explosives Detection Using Ultrasensitive Electronic Vapor Sensors: Field Experience.

· Chapter 8. Reflections on Hunting Mines by Aroma Sensing.


Part III: Example Sensing Technologies


· Chapter 9. Explosives Detection Based on Amplifying Fluorescence Polymers.

· Chapter 10. Ion Mobility Spectrometry.

· Chapter 11. Mass Spectrometry for Security Screening of Explosives.

· Chapter 12. Explosive Vapor Detection Using Micro cantilever Sensors.

· Chapter 13. Lab-On-A-Chip Detection of Explosives.

· Chapter 14. Nano scale Sensing Assemblies Using Quantum Dot-Protein Bio conjugates.

· Chapter 15. Remote Sensing of Explosive Materials Using Differential Reflection Spectroscopy.


Part IV: Supplementary Material


· Organizations Involved in Searching For Hidden Explosives.

· Definitions, Symbols and Abbreviations.

· Explosives Definitions.


Ronald L. Woodfin is a retired systems engineer from Sandia National Laboratories, where he was "Principal Member of the Technical Staff".  Much of his research while at Sandia concentrated on techniques related to mine warfare and humanitarian demining. He has served on several National Research Council Committees, including the Committee on Review and Evaluation of the Army Non-Stockpile Chemical Material Disposal Program and the Committee on Mine Warfare Assessment of the Naval Studies Board.  



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