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UPSC Civil Services Prelims (General Studies-II) Exam Goalpost, CSAT Solved Papers & Practice Tests

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ISBN: 9789388425421

372 pages

INR 349


UPSC Civil Services Prelims General Studies-II ™ Solved Papers & Practice Tests comes with detailed explanations, not just the answer keys, for each and every question included in it. It promotes self-evaluation by enabling you to not only practice and revise concepts, but also keeps your progress on track. This book helps you overcome the doubts and fears generally associated with exams, expand your span of concentration in a single seating, and hone your time management skills, enabling you to answer questions within the given time frame.


(i) Unique Features of the Book

(ii) EXAM Day Strategy

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Section 1: Book In A Nutshell

1. About Exam Goalpost

2. Why you should read this book

3. How to Use this book

4. Testimonials


Section 2: Introduction Of Civil Services And Its Examination

1. About Civil Services

2. About Civil Services Examination

3. Syllabus and Analysis of Last Years’ Question-Papers

4. An Effective Strategy to Attain the Goal


Section 3: Last Years’ Solved Papers

1. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2018 (Answers and Explanations)

2. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2017 (Answers and Explanations)

3. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2016 (Answers and Explanations)

4. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2015 (Answers and Explanations)

5. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2014 (Answers and Explanations)

6. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2013 (Answers and Explanations)

7. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2012 (Answers and Explanations)

8. Civil Services (Prelims) Exam 2011 (Answers and Explanations)


Section 4: Practice Tests

1. Practice Test 1 (Answers and Explanations)

2. Practice Test 2 (Answers and Explanations)

3. Practice Test 3 (Answers and Explanations)

4. Practice Test 4 (Answers and Explanations)

5. Practice Test 5 (Answers and Explanations)

6. Practice Test 6 (Answers and Explanations)

7. Practice Test 7 (Answers and Explanations)

8. Practice Test 8 (Answers and Explanations)

9. Practice Test 9 (Answers and Explanations)

10. Practice Test 10 (Answers and Explanations)