Semantic Web Programming



Part One Introducing Semantic Web Programming.

Chapter 1 Preparing to Program a Semantic Web of Data.

Chapter 2 Hello Semantic Web World.

Part Two Foundations of Semantic Web Programming.

Chapter 3 Modeling Information.

Chapter 4 Incorporating Semantics.

Chapter 5 Modeling Knowledge in the Real World.

Chapter 6 Discovering Information.

Chapter 7 Adding Rules.

Part Three Building Semantic Web Applications.

Chapter 8 Applying a Programming Framework.

Chapter 9 Combining Information.

Chapter 10 Aligning Information.

Chapter 11 Sharing Information.

Part Four Expanding Semantic Web Programming.

Chapter 12 Developing and Using Semantic Services.

Chapter 13 Managing Space and Time.

Chapter 14 Semantic Web Patterns and Best Practices.

Chapter 15 Moving Forward.