Griffon in Action

Andres Almiray, Danno Ferrin, James Shingler

ISBN: 9789386052919

384 pages

INR 899


This book is a comprehensive introduction to the Griffon framework that covers the basic building blocks such as MVC groups, binding, threading, services, plugins, and addons. Book gives a quick, accessible, no-fluff introduction to writing desktop applications in the Java universe. This book provides examples that demonstrate in a hands-on fashion how to use Griffon features. The book provides deep dives into the topics at hand, following a practical approach to get you started as quickly as possible.



Part 1: Getting Started

  1. Welcome to the Griffon revolution
  2. A closer look at Griffon

Part 2: Essential Griffon

  1. Models and binding
  2. Creating a view
  3. Understanding controllers and services
  4. Understanding MVC groups
  5. Multithreaded applications
  6. Listening to notifications
  7. Testing your application
  8. Ship it!
  9. Working with plugins
  10. Enhanced looks
  11. Griffon in front, Grails in the back
  12. Productivity tools



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