JUnit in Action, 2ed: Covers JUnit 4.8

Petar Tahchiev, Felipe Leme, Vincent Massol, Gary Gregory

ISBN: 9789386052872

502 pages

INR 799


This book contains the core concepts you need to know in order to start testing your projects with the JUnit framework.  This book will also guide you through the process of writing your code, giving you suggestions of how to make it more testable. This book will teach you about fundamental software development principles like test-driven development (TDD). It will also guide you step by step through the process of testing each and every layer of a typical Java EE application: the front layer, with external tools like Selenium and JSFUnit; the business layer, with tools like Cactus, mock objects, and stubs; and finally the database and JPA layer, with tools like DBUnit.


Part I: Junit Essentials

  1. JUnit jump-start
  2. Exploring core JUnit
  3. Mastering JUnit
  4. Software testing principles

Part II: Different Testing Strategies

  1. Test coverage and development
  2. Coarse-grained testing with stubs
  3. Testing with mock objects
  4. In-container testing

Part III: Junit And The Build Process

  1. Running JUnit tests from Ant
  2. Running JUnit tests from Maven2
  3. Continuous integration tools

Part IV: Junit Extensions

  1. Presentation-layer testing
  2. Ajax testing
  3. Server-side Java testing with Cactus
  4. Testing JSF applications
  5. Testing OSGi components
  6. Testing database access
  7. Testing JPA-based applications
  8. JUnit on steroids



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