KONG Becoming a King of API Gateways

Alex Kovalevych, Robert Buchanan, Daniel Lee, Chelsy Mooy, Xavier Bruhiere, Jose Ramon Huerga

ISBN: 9789386052742

178 pages

INR 799


By the end of this book, you will understand how to:

  • Use an API gateway to simplify and improve the security of your microservices architecture
  • Write Kong plugins with Lua
  • Deploy Kong and Cassandra in a multi-region environment
  • Use load balancing features


  1. Microservices architecture
  2. API Gateway - A rapidly changing landscape
  3. Kong: API Gateway disruptor
  4. Kong architecture
  5. Meet the Kong
  6. Extending Kong
  7. Integrating with others
  8. API Gateway Techniques
  9. API Security