Lucene in Action, 2ed

Michael Mccandless, Erik Hatcher, Otis Gospodnetic

ISBN: 9789386052889

528 pages

INR 999


This book delivers details, best practices, caveats, tips, and tricks for using the best open-source search engine available. The book covers the core Lucene Application Programming Interface (API) in the order you’re likely to encounter it as you integrate Lucene into your applications. It goes beyond Lucene’s built-in facilities and shows you what can be done around and above Lucene. This book is also suitable for developers who are curious about Lucene or indexing and search techniques, but who may not have an immediate need to use it. This book primarily uses the Java version of Lucene (from Apache), and the majority of the code examples use the Java language.


Part 1: Core Lucene

  1. Meet Lucene
  2. Building a search index
  3. Adding search to your application
  4. Lucene’s analysis process
  5. Advanced search techniques
  6. Extending search

Part 2: Applied Lucene

  1. Extracting text with Tika
  2. Essential Lucene extensions
  3. Further Lucene extensions
  4. Using Lucene from other programming languages
  5. Lucene administration and performance tuning

Part 3: Case Studies

  1. Case study 1: Krugle
  2. Case study 2: SIREn

Case study 3: LinkedIn


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