Re-Engineering Legacy Software

Chris Birchall

ISBN: 9789386052896

232 pages

INR 799


This book is ambitious in scope, setting itself the aim of teaching you everything you need to do in order to transform a neglected legacy codebase into a maintainable, well-functioning piece of software that can provide value to your organization. Covering absolutely everything in a single book is, of course, an unachievable goal, but Author has attempted to do so by approaching the problem of legacy software from a number of different angles. The book covers a wide range of technologies and tools, including Jenkins, FindBugs, PMD, Kibana, Gradle, Vagrant, Ansible, and Fabric.


Part 1: Getting Started

  1. Understanding the challenges of legacy projects
  2. Finding your starting point


Part 2: Refactoring to Improve The Codebase

  1. Preparing to refactor
  2. Refactoring
  3. Re-architecting
  4. The Big Rewrite

Part 3: Beyond Refactoring—Improving Project Workflow and Infrastructure

  1. Automating the development environment
  2. Extending automation to test, staging, and production environments
  3. Modernizing the development, building, and deployment of legacy software
  4. Stop writing legacy code!