Wiley CMAexcel Learning System Exam Review 2015: Part 2, Financial Decision Making


ISBN: 9788126551644

736 pages


Wiley CMA Learning System Part 2: Financial Decision Making covers the topics of Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Decision Analysis and Risk Management, Investment Decisions and Professional Ethics. It contains key formulas, knowledge checks at the end of each topic, study tips and practice questions providing candidates with what they need to pass Part 2 of the CMA Exam. Also included is access to the CMA test bank which has over 1,100 multiple choice questions. Also included is one-year access to the Part 2 test bank.


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Section A

Financial Statement Analysis

Topic 1: Basic Financial Statement Analysis

Topic 2: Financial Ratios

Topic 3: Profitability Analysis

Topic 4: Special Issues

Practice Questions: Financial Statement Analysis


Section B

Corporate Finance

Topic 1: Risk and Return

Topic 2: Long-Term Financial Management

Topic 3: Raising Capital

Topic 4: Working Capital Management

Topic 5: Corporate Restructuring

Topic 6: International Finance

Practice Questions: Corporate Finance


Section C

Decision Analysis

Topic 1: Cost / Volume / Profit Analysis

Topic 2: Marginal Analysis

Topic 3: Pricing

Practice Questions: Decision Analysis


Section D

Risk Management

Topic 1: Enterprise Risk

Practice Questions: Risk Management


Section E

Investment Decisions

Topic 1: Capital Budgeting Process

Topic 2: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Topic 3: Payback and Discounted Payback

Topic 4: Risk Analysis in Capital Investment

Practice Questions: Investment Decisions


Section F

Professional Ethics

Topic 1: Ethical Considerations for Management Accounting and

Financial Management Professionals

Topic 2: Ethical Considerations for the Organization

Practice Questions: Professional Ethics

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Essay Exam Study Tips

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Practice Essay Questions and Answers

Answers to Section Practice Questions


Appendix A: Time Value of Money Tables

Appendix B: ICMA Learning Outcome Statements--Part 2

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