Wiley's GATE Life Science Chapter - Wise Solved Papers (2000 - 2021)

Wiley Editorial

ISBN: 9789354249143

732 pages

INR 649


This book GATE Chapter-wise Life Sciences Solved Papers is designed as a must have resource for the students preparing for the M. E./M. Tech./M. S./Ph. D. in Bio-Sciences or Bio-Engineering. It offers Chapter-wise solved previous years’ GATE Life Sciences questions for the years 2000–2021 for all the six sections. This book will help students become well-versed with the pattern of examination, level of questions asked and concept distribution in questions.


Note to the Aspirants iii



Chapter 1: Atomic Structure and Periodicity C-3

Chapter 2: Structure and Bonding C-9

Chapter 3: The s, p and d Block Elements C-23

Chapter 4: Chemical Equilibria C-37

Chapter 5: Electrochemistry C-47

Chapter 6: Reaction Kinetics C-55

Chapter 7: Thermodynamics C-65

Chapter 8: Structure Reactivity Correlations and Organic Reaction Mechanisms C-75



Chapter 1: Plant Systematics B-3

Chapter 2: Plant Anatomy B-9

Chapter 3: Morphogenesis and

Development B-25

Chapter 4: Physiology and Biochemistry B-35

Chapter 5: Genetics B-65

Chapter 6: Plant Breeding and Genetic Modification B-81

Chapter 7: Economic Botany B-95

Chapter 8: Plant Pathology B-109

Chapter 9: Ecology and Environment B-119



Chapter 1: Animal World Z-3

Chapter 2: Evolution Z-11

Chapter 3: Genetics Z-23

Chapter 4: Biochemistry and

Molecular Biology Z-37

Chapter 5: Cell Biology Z-51

Chapter 6: Gene Expression in Eukaryotes Z-61

Chapter 7: Animal Anatomy and Physiology Z-67

Chapter 8: Parasitology and Immunology Z-83

Chapter 9: Development Biology Z-95

Chapter 10: Ecology Z-105

Chapter 11: Animal Behavior Z-113



Chapter 1: Food Chemistry and Nutrition FT-3

Chapter 2: Food Microbiology FT-17

Chapter 3: Food Products Technology FT-29

Chapter 4: Food Engineering FT-43



Chapter 1: Historical Perspective M-3

Chapter 2: Methods in Microbiology M-9

Chapter 3: Microbial Taxonomy and Diversity M-19

Chapter 4: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells: Structure and Function M-27

Chapter 5: Microbial Growth M-37

Chapter 6: Control of Microorganisms M-51

Chapter 7: Microbial Metabolism M-55

Chapter 8: Microbial Diseases and Host Pathogen Interaction M-69

Chapter 9: Chemotherapy/Antibiotics M-85

Chapter 10: Microbial Genetics M-93

Chapter 11: Microbial Ecology M-119



Chapter 1: Biomolecules BC-3

Chapter 2: Metabolism BC-19

Chapter 3: Analytical Chemistry BC-59

Chapter 4: Cell Structure and Signal Transduction BC-77

Chapter 5: Expression and Transmission of Genetic Information BC-97

Chapter 6: The Immune System BC-125


Appendix: GATE Life Science 2021



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